March 8th, 2015 - Cha Am Fishing Park

Match Record Falls Again!!

The Hua Hin Fishing Club match record was broken for the third match in succession, with the match being held at Cha Am Fishing Park. After the great weights that were caught the previous fortnight, the fifth match of the season was organised to be held again on this great water.

Only 4 anglers turned up for this match, plus 3 lovely assistants, but the low number of anglers meant there was more fish to go around for everyone! All 4 anglers were fishing on the main bank, close to the restaurant, and fish were caught from the off. Roger alternated between ledgered bread and float tactics to catch steadily all day. Dang fished the float and pulled in 9 catfish for 57lb. Pistol Pete fished float and bread, with plenty of groundbait and had 15 fish for a great weight of 116.5 lb, beating his personal best match weight from the previous match, by one pound! Jason fished freelined bread paste, with plenty of small balls of groundbait going in and pulled in 28 catfish in the five hour match, to see him top the 200lb mark, and win the match. Great weights for everyone, and looking forward to the next match.

Jason - 28 fish for 212 lb
Pistol Pete - 15 fish for 116.5 lb
Dang - 9 fish for 57 lb
Freddie Fishy Hargreaves - 9 Fish for 56.75 lb

Biggest Fish Award goes to Jason for a good sized 20lb Sawai catfish.

FEBRUARY 22nd, 2015

Match Record Goes Again!!

The Hua Hin Fishing Club match record was broken for the second match in succession, with the match being held at Cha Am Fishing Park for the first time. The biggest fish record was also broken by a huge margin, in what was another very exciting competition.

The match started fairly slowly, at 2.30 pm in bright sunshine, and some pla sawai were caught by new members Derek and his good lady It. They were fishing classic Thailand catfish tactics, using a cage feeder and large float with bread on the hook, at distance. Before anyone had caught anything, these two had 3 fish on the bank, and the regular guys were wondering who these new members to the club were, and what was their secret! Pistol Pete was next to catch, landing a nice 12lb sawai. After an hour or so, Jason the Boro Butcher landed what looked like it may take fish of the day, a great lump of a pla buck, weighing in at 31lb. He was fishing freelined bread paste, just a few rod lengths out. Pete, Derek and It were all fishing paste at distance, and were catching steadily. Within about 3 hours of the match, Pistol Pete had landed over 100lb of fish, and was looking good again for a winning haul. Jason the Boro Butcher had somehow managed to foul hook a couple more larger fish and was holding on to his largest fish prospect.

Then, as is often the case, the last hour proved to be vital. Derek and It's bites had dried up a little, as had Pete's, and the fish moved toward the cafe end of the lake. With 30 mins to go, Boro Butcher hooked and landed a big pla buck, weighing in at 44lbs. Whilst he was fighting with this one, Roger also hooked what seemed a huge fish, and he disappeared along the bank in pursuit of this whopper. Jason's fish was landed, just as the final whistle went for time. As Roger's fish had been initially hooked before time was called, he was allowed to play the fish, using as much time as required to try to land it. It was now dark and Roger had pursued the fish halfway along the bank, and everyone else was packing up. Once everyone was finished packing up, beers and food were ordered, and everyone wanted to see how Roger was getting on. The landing net was taken to him, and the food arrived piping hot. Roger mananged to wolf his food down with one hand, whilst playing the fish with the other!

Eventually, nearly 2 hours after the fish was initially hooked, in total darkness, apart from a solitary torch light, a huge siamese carp emerged and was swiftly netted by Pete. The relief of landing this huge fish was easy to see even in the darkness, and Freddie, AKA Chairman Mao, laid out on the grass with this beautiful fish next to him, for a couple of great photos, before it was returned unharmed to the water. The fish had tipped the scales to a massive 63lbs, and was Freddie's personal best fish - a great time to catch a personal best fish! All in all another great fun day out for the club, and great fishing was had by all involved.

Results (Top 4)
Jason - 6 fish for 124.5 lb
Pistol Pete - 14 fish for 115.5 lb
Freddie Fishy Hargreaves - 3 Fish for 78.5 lb
It - 10 fish for 73.5 lb

Biggest Fish Award goes to Freddie for a massive 63lb Simaese Carp (AKA Cahor). Well done Freddie!!

FEBRUARY 8th, 2015

Jase Yarm smashes Hua Hin Fishing Club match record!!

Club member Jase took the third match of the season in style with a fine weight that broke the previous record. Jase landed two yeesopp early on, and was not faring too well with only 90 minutes to go. The final stages of the match proved to be very fruitful for the young man from the 'Boro, as he landed 4 carp, in ever increasing size, with the last fish weighing in at over 16 lbs. This late flurry of fish gave Jase the highest overall weight of the match, plus the last carp was joint heaviest fish, weighing in exactly the same as Kuhn Deng's, which Deng had landed about an hour earlier. Second highest weight of the match, went to the ever consistent Pistol Pete, from peg 1, near to the restaurant. Pete fished waggler and bread flake in mid water, a couple of rod lengths out from the bank. This method allowed Pete to land some good sized carp, for an overall weight of 35lb 8oz. Third place, and joint biggest fish, went to Kuhn Deng, fishing in the middle of the lake, with groundbait and swimfeeder tactics.

The match was held on the opposite bank to where we normally fish, and everyone caught. The results could have been very different, except both Steve and Roger lost about half a dozen carp, or more, between them.
Jase; 61lb 12oz
Pistol Pete Hodges; 35lb 8oz
Khun Deng; 22lb 12oz
Stevie (guest); 13lb 12oz
Freddie Hargreaves; 7lb 10oz
Biggest fish 16lb 8oz Siamese Carp; shared Kuhn Deng & Jase

JANUARY 25th, 2015

Winner (best weight, and biggest fish) - Arsenal John
rest of results coming soon

JANUARY 11th, 2015

Hua Hin Fishing Club's first competition of the new season ended dramatically! With only minutes to go and Pistol Pete heading the lead with 39lbs 4oz of carp including a specimen of 16lbs 3oz which won Pete the biggest fish of the day trophy. Jason hooked into a good fish and carefully played her safely to dry land to pip Pete to the post right at the death with a fantastic 48lbs 8oz total haul, taking the winners trophy and heading up the first league table of 2015.
Both Jason and Pete employed close in waggler tactics using bread flake over regulary loose fed groundbait, as did guest Steve Wonder who we all look forward to meeting again on his next visit to Majestic Hua Hin.