Information On The Various Fishing Venues We Use


PLEASE SAVE A FISH. A Greenfield's Carp averages 12 lbs and regularly reach 20 lbs. Braid or 20 lbs main line is recommended with 15 lbs hooklengths. Strong big hooks UK 10 – 2 tied with strong knots !!!
The pla buck and siamese carp caught on our one match at Cha Am Fishing Park reached 44lbs and 63lbs respectively. These huge fish require good line and strong rod and reel.


Is available from the tackle and bait shop at Greenfield, and from the people at Cha Am Fishing Park.


Greenfield's fish love bread, both on the hook and in a groundbait bowl for method feeders or hand fed groundbait balls. If you worry whether your bread hook bait has fallen off, try 2-3 grains of sweetcorn.
Cha Am Fishing Park fish love bread or bread paste, and lots of groundbait thrown in and put into the feeder.


We have a limited amount of experience at Greenfield but have heard or have used the following methods successfully;

A) Surface / Sub-surface method feeder
B) Method feeder on the bottom / bed of the lake.
C) Free-lining a large piece of bread
D) Waggler float fishing around 2-3 rod lengths out from the bank; Plumb the depth and fish just touching or 3” inches over-depth. Bulk locking shot either side of your float with smaller shot spread evenly every 12” inches down the line to attract bites “on the drop”.

Methods for Cha Am Fishing Park

A) Big feeder under a large float. Fish at distance with bread / bread paste on the. Sit back and wait for the fish to give a good run. Make sure your drag is set to loose, as rods have been known to get pulled in during these huge runs. Target fish - pla sawai and pla buck
B) Small float and relatively small hooks, with a small piece of bread, and regular loose feed, fishing close to the bank. Target fish - siamese carp
C) Freelined bread paste, 3 rod lengths out, with regular loose feeding prior to each cast. Catch fish on the drop. Target fish - pla sawai and pla buck (often larger fish are caught this way)
D) Freelined chicken or fish, fished close in, early morning or late afternoon / evening. Target fish - redtail catfish, or maybe even an arapaima.